Glasgow to Troon: Glaschu a an Truthail

A 100 day to do something amazing, hell yes I’m in for that but which challenge should I choose?

I wanted to do someone to improve my health but also…

I wanted to do something to improve my Gaelic but also…

I wanted to do something to deepen my knowledge of Scotland.

 It took me just 24 hours and I had my 100 challenge… walk 500 miles in 100 days!

While walking around the Glasgow Botanical Gardens I had a brainwave how to combine all three of my interests:Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Gàrradh Lusan Glaschu

  • 500 miles of walking in and around Glasgow by the end of 100 days – a very good goal indeed for my health
  • Blog about my journey in both Gaelic and English – certainly a challenge for my Gaelic!
  • By counting the miles cumulative I can metaphorically walk to other Scottish places – learning about Scotland beyond Glasgow

So enough talk now let’s get on with this challenge.

Learn Gaelic: Week 4 – Day 6 Update

"The poor duck was sick and tired of everything" and I'm getting that way with my translation of An Croitear!!!!

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