Glasgow In A Day

Glasgow in a DayA perfect summer was forecasted for Glasgow today but instead of heading to Largs or Loch Lomond I had neither the money nor the inclination to go beyond the city boundaries, yet I still wanted an adventure so in just a few hours I walked over seven miles and visited:

  • The Forth & Clyde Canal
  • The Style Mile of Glasgow City Centre
  • The Clyde River walkway
  • The Scottish Exhibition Centre (The SECC)
  • The Riversider Museum
  • Byres Road in the West End
  • Hillhead Library


  • Total Miles walked: 10.03
  • Walking Rating: 9/10
  • Possible Improvements: Take bottled water, especially for Clyde River walk

Learn Gaelic: Week 4 – Day 6 Update

"The poor duck was sick and tired of everything" and I'm getting that way with my translation of An Croitear!!!!

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